Wind Solar Hydro

We specialize in wind, solar and hydro power.  

Wind machines are custom built from 800 watts to 30,000 watts or larger on your request.
We will build just the alternator for you.

The wind and hydro machines are permanent magnet direct drive, eliminating gear box friction loss.

Solar panels from 3/4 watt to 300 watts each.  

We keep it simple. Over 30 years of experience. We also provide after sale support.

Be part of the Wind & Solar Clean Energy.

  • It leaves no clean-up problems.
  • It comes to your home for free.
  • It works even when you're on vacation or when you sleep.
  • It can make you a better return than money in the bank.
  • The earth is in great need of improvement.  
  • It is the future for mankind.
  • At the same time it can save you money.