Wind Solar Hydro

Custom built wind machines
We custom build wind machines from 500 Watts to 30,000 Watts.
All direct drive no gearbox.
Permanent magnets with high power.
Generation of power starts with a wind speed of 3-6 MPH.
Most wind generators have a start up wind speed of 8-12 MPH. However, because of the multi-blade design and direct drive alternator, these machines will begin power generation at 3-6 MPH.
Contribute to a clean environment without noise pollution.
The multi-blade design creates virtually no noise.
A wind machine can make you money while you sleep or are on vacation.
All of the alternators are built on site, no sublet work so no quality control problems.
Easy self-installation saves you money.
Compared to solar, wind power works day and night and is more cost effective. The larger machines are less than $1.50 per watt while solar runs $4.00-$6.00 per watt.
The counter rotating design is used in higher output machines to generate twice as much power.
If you are in a windy spot, 10-12 average wind, you can also get by with a 2 or 3 blade machine.