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100 Amp DC Solid State Relay with Heat Sink

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  • DC Solid State Relay with Heat Sink
  • DC Solid State Relay Mounting Hole
  • DC Solid State Relay with Large Heat Sink


Benefits of Solid State Relay:
  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower operating voltages
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer electrical life expectancy
  • Higher input-to-output isolation
  • No contact bounce or arcing
  • Physically smaller
  • Lower shock and vibration sensitivity
  • No magnetic field or electrical noise generation

Solid state relays (SSR) have no physical internal contacts to wear out and zero operating noise. Our SSR boasts 70 amps continuous, 100 amp continuous with cooling fan. 3-32 VDC control terminals (lower 2 terminals) for 12 to 24 volt systems. Works on both 12 and 24 volt systems!

Extremely low activation power usage allows you to connect several relays in parallel to your charge controller without complicated runs directly to your batteries for the control input. Run up to 50 relays with only a 2 amp draw! The power contacts (upper 2 terminals) are NO (normally open, not connected until 3-32 volt dc power is sent to the control terminals).


  • Input 3-32 VDC 0.001 to 0.04 amp max draw
  • Output 8-33 volt dc with normally open NO contacts. red indicator illuminated when contacts are closed
  • Output breakdown voltage appx. 80 VDC
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 in x 2.75 in x 2.5 in
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