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120L Pond Aeration Kit With Suntaqe Inverter Charger

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120 Liter Pond aeration kit with side of pole vented water resistant steel pond box and Suntaqe Inverter Controller. This kit is ideal for large sized ponds, 1/2 acre up to 10 feet in depth.

Ideal water depths between 2 feet to 10 feet. Shut off depth is 12 feet deep. Our recommendation: For use on ponds up to 10' in depth.  Multiple aeration systems can be used on large ponds for proper aeration.

This Pond Aeration Kit Includes:

  • Side of Pole Vented Water Resistant Steel Pond Box
  • 120 Liter Air Pump
  • 100 feet weighted 1/2 ID hose
  • Weighted diaphragm diffusers, clamps & fittings
  • 24 Volt Suntaqe PWB (Power without Batteries) Inverter Controller with 24 volt 300 watt DC to AC pure sine wave inverter
  • 2 - 15 Foot Solar PV Extension Cable #10 AWG with MC4 Connectors
  • Pair of MC4 Branch Connectors

We recommend adding 300 watts+ of solar panels for proper operation. Northern & lower sunlight states should use monocrystalline panels.


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