SkyMax Energy

Digital Power Meter with Alarm

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Need to know just how much power an appliance is using? The SkyMax Power Raider will track your kilowatt hours to let you know any appliance's power consumption to better understand your power needs.

The Power Raider meter can measure the power consumption of electric appliances, carbon emissions and cost of the electricity. It helps users with tracking their electric consumption and reducing their power bill and carbon emissions. It also serves as an electricity alarm, electricity consumption alarm, overload alarm, etc.


Rated Voltage 110Vac/60Hz
Load Current Max 15 Amps 1800W
Voltage Range 90 - 130 VAC
Time Display Range 0 Seconds to 9999 Days
Power Display Range 0.0W - 9999 Watts
Voltage Display Range 0.0V - 9999 Volts
Current Display Range 0.0A - 9999 Amps
Frequency Display Range 0 Hz - 9999 Hz
Cumulative Electricity Consumption 0.000 KWH - 9999 KWH
Voltage Accuracy +1%
Current Accuracy +2%
Power Accuracy +2%


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