About Us

Missouri Wind and Solar

Missouri Wind and Solar, LLC, has brought a variety of renewable and alternative energy sources to environmentally conscious do-it-yourselfers since 2007.

Currently, a major Midwestern retailer of small and micro wind turbines, Missouri Wind and Solar also offers a range of off-grid energy products including solar panels and heating units, energy-efficient appliances, batteries, alternators, and generators.

Furthermore, with DIY wind and solar energy enthusiasts in mind, Missouri Wind and Solar facilitates the construction and installation of custom-built power sources by offering wind turbine kits, interchangeable solar panel accessories, part upgrades, and voltage and amperage meters to measure power input and output.

Located in the town of Seymour in the Ozark Mountains, Missouri Wind and Solar is the creation of Jeff Harmon and Molly Barke. With an interest in off-grid systems that stretches back for decades, Jeff first conceptualized Missouri Wind and Solar after adding a wind turbine and solar heater to his Michigan cabin. Deciding to give others the same opportunity to install their own alternative energy systems, Jeff and Molly opened a 5,000-square-foot business to handle the assembly, distribution, and sale of various DIY wind and solar energy accessories.

With reasonable prices and quality products, Missouri Wind and Solar has since increased its staff of experts to meet a growing list of demands. Today, Missouri Wind and Solar supplies clients all over the world. With customers across Puerto Rico, Africa, Greece, Australia, and Northern Europe, Missouri Wind and Solar has also provided renewable energy to a Vietnamese elementary school and a Jamaican orphanage. Potential customers interested in ordering a customized alternative energy system for their home or business can call 417-708-5359.

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