Blocking Diodes

Prevent damaging backflow from your batteries with a blocking diode that only allows power flow in one direction. Choose from our different styles and sizes.

  • Stud Blocking Diode for DC Systems

    Stud Blocking Diode

    Stud Blocking Diode These are a must for solar panels or wind turbines that do not have diodes like DIY solar panels, or DC wind turbines, or hydroelectric generators. Please note that it is necessary to mount this diode in an aluminum heat sink to...
  • 10 Amp Schottky Diode for Solar Panels

    Schottky 10 Amp Diode for Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

    50 Volt 10 Amp Schottky Diode Low voltage drop for solar panels and wind turbines - used to allow voltage from a solar panel or wind turbine to only go in one direction. Description: Diode/Rectifier: 10 Amps, 50 Volts, Axial Diode Type: Standard...
  • 3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode

    3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode

    3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode One-way diode prevents current from leaking from your battery back into the solar panel where it is dissipated as heat, depleting your battery. Use with wire strip. What size diode do I need?Your diode needs to be...

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