Ian's Wind Turbine in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Jul 15th 2019

One of the best things about the wind turbine community is that there are tinkerers are those who love to experiment. Ian is no exception, he's had loads of different wind turbine styles that he's set up and tested. Lucky for us, he's shared his projects on his YouTube channel for us to watch.

Ian shows us his DIY micro wind turbine generator at his home in Ireland. Missouri Wind and Solar supplied the Raptor G4 blades and the PMA and Ian designed the furling tail and other components. Ian is also using the HVM charge controller to dump the excess power. His ammeter shows about 20 to 40 amps of output in 20 to 30 mph winds before it begins to furl. The wind turbine was producing 60-70 amps before the furling tail was installed as a protection system to keep the turbine safe in high winds.



Furling Tail Experiment

Later, Ian experiments with our Missouri Falcon blades on his furling tail setup. The unit is on a test stand just a few feet off the ground pumping out 40 amps! The Falcon blades provide a lot of torque for the PMA, helping to increase the amp output.

Running the Dual MW pma through a few tests, lets see what it can do with a set of medium Falcon blades as a direct drive. WOW!





Making Power at 4.5 mph

Testing out the single PMA from Missouri Wind and Solar in only 6 mph we have constant power input to the batteries of 3 to 5 amps. Taking micro wind turbines to the next level.

Even dropping down to 4.5 mph still making sustainable power. How low can we go? I have never seen a PMA this small this cheap push out the power in nearly zero winds.

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