Tore's Falcon Mach 4™ Dual Wind Turbine in Norway

Jul 15th 2019

Friend and customer Tore Neverås in Norway has a wind turbine tower that allows him to mount multiple wind turbines. He's also using a large solar tracker to help reduce his power bill. This hybrid system allows for the best of both charging scenarios and allows for 24 hour power production.

Check out the videos below to see his setup and power production on his Missouri Falcon Mach 4™ wind turbine.

Falcon Mach 4™ and HVA Charge Controller

Watch real time output from Tore's Falcon Mach 4™ dual wind turbine as he monitors his HVA charge controller.





Solar Tracker Array & Wind Turbine

Tore shows power production from his solar tracker and his Falcon blades spinning with just 3 mph winds.

Power Bill Savings

Tore shares the savings on his utility bill and his overall power usage at his home in Norway.



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