Combination Charge Controller with Built In Divert Load

Hybrid Wind and Solar Charge Controller with LED Display & Divert Load


Missouri Wind and Solar offers a simple combination charge controller that can handle both wind and solar. We've taken the guesswork out of it with a completely pre-wired solution that allows you to charge your batteries without tons of time and hassle.


  1. Simply connect the two cables from the charge controller to your battery.
  2. Now, connect your wind turbine to the battery (red to positive, black to negative posts on the battery). 
  3. If you're adding solar panels, use the large open terminals on the relay for your positive cable and connect the negative cable to the battery.

The charge controller will sense when the battery is full and go into divert mode, keeping your wind turbine under a load and slowed down. The solar panels will disconnect.  I
f you need to increase the wattage of the divert load, simply buy another divert load and stack it. Make sure it matches the voltage of the divert load on the charge controller.



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