Connecting Amp Meters to Shunts

Connecting Amp Meters to Shunt Bars
Basic Analog Meter Wiring Diagram


Connecting the Amp Meter to the Shunt

Simply hook up the two terminals from the meter to each side of the shunt (one wire per side). Then place your shunt in series with the load or energy source you wish to monitor.  For instance, if you will be measuring the current from a solar panel, then terminate the positive wire from the solar panel to one side of the shunt.

From the other side of the shunt, simply continue on to your charge controller (or disconnect, etc.). If your meter reads backwards, switch the wires on the shunt going to the meter.

Things to Remember

If your amp meter is 15 amps or less, no shunt is required. For amp meters greater than 15 amps.




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