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Blue Diamond ET60 60 Liter Air Pump & Pond Aeration Kit


Blue Diamond ET60 60 Liter Air Pump & Pond Aeration Kit

The Enviro ET60 air pump helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Providing a clean, oil-free air source it is exceptionally quiet in operation, even when running continuously. The ET60 is easy to service with a competitively priced service kit and is also supported by a two-year warranty. With its weatherproof, robust construction it makes an ideal wastewater pump.

Efficiency & Cutoff: The ET60 pump operates under max efficiency up to 8 feet.  It will decrease in efficiency at greater depths and will shut off at 10 feet.

Kit Includes:

  • Blue Diamond ET60 pump
  • (50 feet) 3/8 Inch Weighted Thick Wall PVC Hose
  • (2) 8 Inch Weighted Diaphragm Disc Diffusers
  • Hose clamps and connectors

Pump Features:

  • Green drive technology - energy efficient motors low power consumption
  • Specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life
  • Due to no wearing parts no reduction in performance
  • Robust and compact construction - weatherproof
  • Easy to service with competitively priced spares kit
  • Suited to intermittent or continuous duty applications
  • Used by original equiptment manufactures of NSF certified residential
    sewage treatment systems.
  • UL and CE approved 

Features and Benefits of Pond Aeration:

  • Improve fish health
  • Reduce algae growth and sludge build up
  • De-ice to prevent winter fish kill
  • Application for aquaculture, wastewater, small lake, and koi ponds

Pump Specifications:

  • Product Type: Air
  • Max Flow: 2.12 cubic feet per minute
  • Max Pressure: 0.17 bar
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.99" x 6.49" x 6.02"
  • Connector Size: 0.71"
  • Power: 55W 

Pump Applications

  • Aeration
  • Liquid agitation
  • Mamut pump for air lift
  • Aerobic treatment
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