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Fan and 80 mm Double Pulley for Permanent Magnet Generators/Alternators

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  • Fan and 80 mm Double Pulley for Permanent Magnet Generators/Alternators
  • Cooling Fan for Hydro PMA
  • Double Pulley for Hydro PMA


Fan and 80 mm Double Pulley For Permanent Magnet Generators/Alternators

A large extra heavy duty cooling fan must be used for all engine, hydro, and or belt driven systems including vertical axis wind turbine applications. Wind turbines usually have enough air circulation not to require a fan but you must determine this fact by testing and observation as each project has unique characteristics.


  • For permanent magnet alternators with 17 mm shaft
  • Pulley fits 1/2" belts

Notched v-belts run cooler and do not slip as much. A slipping belt can cause bearing stress and heat buildup in the PMA or PMG. Read the heat warnings below.

Heat warnings: Proper installation is very important when it comes to getting maximum life and efficiency from your v-belts. Take time to insure that your pulleys are properly lined up with a straight edge and that they are not worn and cutting into the v-belts. Proper v-belt tension should be set with a v-belt tension tool and reset again after the first week or so of operation to allow for stretching. Most of the stretching takes place in the first hours of operation so it is very important to re-check belt tension after the belt has had some run time.

If you are pulling over 500 Watts (in a non-wind turbine installation) without a cooling fan, your PMA may overheat! Fan kits are very important to have on ALL high amp applications! Keeping your PMAs cooled, fused and under reasonable loads is the operator's full responsibility. Monitor your PMA for excessive heat production in all experimental machinery! The maximum PMA operating temperature is 350 degrees F. for 100% duty cycle. No warranties on ANY burned out PMAs! They are sold in good working condition, it is the customer's responsibility to keep them cool and never overloaded in regard to amperage draw.

Our PMAs are not failsafe! If you overload them they can burn out. You, as the designer, must watch carefully for signs of overheating. We will not warranty any fried PMAs!

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