How to Size a DC Water Heating Element

DC Water Heating Temperatures

How many watts will it take to heat a given amount of water?


Use the handy chart below that our General Manager David McDaris created to figure how many watts per hour you need to heat water using a DC water heating element. Whether it's a stock tank, water for chickens or other animals, fountain or a converted water heater for your home, this chart will help in sizing your water heating element. 

If it's overheating you're worried about, make sure you add a thermostat to your setup. To keep water from freezing, add our freeze-stat. 

How many watts does it take to heat a gallon of water? 

As a general rule of thumb, it requires 2.47 watts of power to raise the temperature of one gallon of water one degree in one hour.

Formula: 2.47 Watts x 1 Gallon x 1°F in 1 Hour 


Wattage Chart


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