MWS440 Series Solenoid Relay Switch

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  • Missouri Wind and Solar Solenoid Relay Switch
  • Missouri Wind and Solar Solenoid Relay Switch End View
  • Missouri Wind and Solar Solenoid Relay Contacts
$17.95 - $19.98
  • Arc Suppressor 100VDC for Mechanical Relays


MWS440 Series Relay Switch

These MWS440 series continuous duty relays are sold in non-grounded insulated cases (lightning proof). They are made for Missouri Wind and Solar only.

Available in either 12-15, 24-30 or 48-60 activation volts. Use for building your own controller or to upgrade your existing controller.

Great addition to a dump load for diverting or controlling wind and or additional solar up to 10,000 watts on many PWM or MPPT charge controllers.

These are not like standard relays that can only run for a short duration before burning up but are true industrial duty models that are not bothered by heat, dirt, or continuous ON time!

Recommended Application:

  • Electric vehicles
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Alternative energy systems
Activation Voltage:
  • 12 Volt Model: 12-15 Volts
  • 24 Volt Model: 24-30 Volts
  • 48 Volt Model: 48-60 Volts

Continuous Duty Relay Specifications & Features:

  • Silver nickel alloy stationary contact, cadmium plated copper moving contact.
  • The MWS440 relay has 4 large 19/64" posts and fit 5/16" lugs.
  • Contact studs are 5/16-24.
  • Switch term are #10-32
  • Coil draw 1 amp at 14V
  • 300 amp inrush, 100 amp continuous rated
  • Higher currents will shorten life
  • Heavy duty external lugs can handle millions of cycles at very high amp loads without fusing together and sticking like copper to copper contact versions will.
  • Can be operated at 100% duty cycle conducting loads up to 440 amps or 10,000 watts. Please note that the normally closed contacts can handle 100 amps continuous duty.
  • The MWS440 relay is a TRUE HEAVY DUTY relay.
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