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PMA Stator Coil

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If you are using a stator for hydro or motor driven applications and need 24 volts, use the 12 volt regular stator.

**Make sure to use our fan and pulley for all hydro or motor driven applications to keep the PMA cool.

The stator coil is the stationary part of your permanent magnet alternator (PMA). Our custom stators optimize a wind turbine's low and high wind performance. See our permanent magnet alternator rotor to go with it.

Turn these alternators or your own into a real wind turbine PMA by using our custom stator cores in these models and more:

  • Wind Blue models DC540, 520, 512, 500
  • All Hurricane Wind models
  • All Presto Wind Models
  • Patriot
  • Wind Star
  • Slant Core, Power Core, Super Core
  • and more!

In all direct drive small wind turbines the average shaft RPM is 500 to 1500 RPM for small direct drive propellers. At this RPM you MUST HAVE finer copper wire to make 12 volts and especially for making 24 or 48 volts.

The stock wire in a PMA is too large and will only transfer 9 volts at approximately 1000 RPM. Most of the time it will not even "PUT A CHARGE" to a lowly 12 volt battery, and forget about charging a 24 or 48 volt battery with the stock stator wire. It is just too big and thus not enough turns to get the voltage up into the higher charging ranges needed by today's smaller more powerful direct drive wind turbines.

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