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  • Magnum Energy MMP175-30D Mini Panel

    Magnum Energy MMP175-30D Mini Panel

    Magnum, Mini Magnum, Panel with 175ADC breaker & 30A dual pole AC input breaker, 120/240VAC   The MMP (Mini Magnum Panel) has been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a renewable energy system ...

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  • Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors manufactured from soft drawn pure oxygen free copper. A must for splicing two cables together.  This process gives the best electrical results possible for maximum current flow and tinned for corrosion resistance and...

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  • 3/8 Inch Spade Terminals Quantity of 5

    3/8 Inch Spade Terminals

    Perfect for Making Connections to Wind Turbine Bridge Rectifiers Heavy Duty 3/8" spade connectors with nylon insulators - Available in multiples of 5. Fits our Missouri Wind Turbine 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, and 90 amp bridge rectifier! Fits 8 / 10 / 12 AWG...

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  • 10/12 AWG Crimp On Ring Terminals

    10/12 AWG Crimp On Ring Terminals

    Accepts 10 AWG or smaller wire - Sold in quantities of eight ring terminals. Most solar panels come with 10 AWG or smaller wire. Use to make electrical connections with solar panels, bridge rectifiers, etc.  Bolt four of them...

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  • Vinyl Butt Splice Connector - 8 Pack

    Vinyl Butt Connectors

    8 Pack of Connectors - Ideal for joining two cut wire ends. Butt Splice Connector Features: Vinyl Grip Uses Chamfered Barrel Ends Provides Fast Easy Wire Insertion from Both Ends Built In Wire Stop for Correct Positioning Must Be Crimped at Ends

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  • MidNite Solar Surge Protection Device Red

    MidNite Solar Surge Protection Device

    Midnite Solar Surge Protection Device The MidNite Solar Surge Protector Device (MNSPD) is designed for both AC and DC systems and provides protection to service panels, load centers or where the SPD is directly connected to the electronic device...

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  • ANL Fuse for Alternative Energy Systems

    ANL Fuse

    Protect your batteries and equipment with our high current ANE fuses. Be sure to check out our ANE fuse holder as a perfect companion piece!Not sure which fuse you need? Use the chart below to help determine the size.Inverter SizeFuse Size1000 Watts or...

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  • ANL Fuse Holder with Cover

    Fire Resistant ANL Fuse Holder

    Protect your batteries or power inverter with our high-current fuse block Accepts up to 500 amp ANL fuses and up to 4/0 AWG cables. Compatible with 12 or 24 DC volt systems. Can be connected in parallel.   Fuse Block Features: Post Size: 5/16" ...

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  • 500 Amp Fuse & Fuse Holder Kit

    500 Amp Fuse & Fuse Holder Kit

    Protect your batteries with our high current ANL fuse kits. You may also want to consider purchasing a shorter cable 6" or 12" in length to connect the fuse and holder to the positive terminal of the battery. See our 4/0 AWG cable section for options...

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