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SkyMax Stratus 48 Volt 6000 Watts


SkyMax Stratus 48 Volt 6000 Watts

SkyMax Stratus 6000 watts 48VDC to 220v 110 VAC 50hz 60hz split phase low frequency power inverter with charger


  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Configurable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers via LCD setting
  • Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting
  • LCD and LED display
  • Over temperature auto restart
  • Overload, over temperature, short circuit protection

User Manual

MODEL 3012E 3024E 3048E 4024E 4048E 5024E 5048E 6024E 6048E
Rated Output Power 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Transfer Time 10ms typical
Invert Mode Nominal Output Voltage RMS 120/230VAC(100~120VAC 5V Gear Setting; 200~240VAC 10V Gear Setting
Output Frequency 50HZ+/-0.3HZ or 60HZ+/-0.3HZ
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Output Overload 105%>Load<120%+/-10%: Fault (turn off output after 10 seconds)
120%>Load<150%+/-10%:Fault (turn off output after 3 seconds)
150%>Load+/10%: Fault (turn off output after 1 second)
Short Circuit Protection Software Protection
Nominal Efficiency >88%
Power Factor 0.9-1
Line Mode Input Voltage Range Narrow Range
Nominal output voltage +/- 15%
Wide Range
Nominal output voltage +15%,-23%
Input Frequency Voltage 40Hz-70Hz
Input Wave Form Sine Wave (Utility or generator)
Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker
Output Overload 120%>Load<150%+/-10%: Fault (turn off output after 60seconds)
150%>Load+/-10%: Fault (turn off output after 1 second)
Over Charge Protection Shutdown 16.0 for 12Vdc/*2 for 24V/*4 for 48V
Efficiency Online Transfer Mode >95%
AC Charge Charge current can be set (5A UP/DOWN setting) For specific parameters, please refer to appendix
Selection of battery charging voltage type
Battery Type Fast V Float V
Gel U.S.A. 14.0 13.7
A.G.M 1 14.1 13.4
A.G.M 2 14.6 13.7
Sealed Lead Acid 14.4 13.6
Gel Euro 14.4 13.8
Open Lead Acid 14.8 13.3
Calcium 15.1 13.6
Desulphation 15.5 for 4 hours then off
Li 14.7
Other User-defined
Nominal DC Input Voltage 12V 24V 48V 24V 48V 24V 48V 24V
Battery Voltage Range 12V(10Vdc~16Vdc) +/- 0.3Vdc/*2 for 24V/*4 for 48V
Low DC Warning Voltage 12V(10.5Vdc+/- 0.3Vdc)/*2 for 24V/*4 for 48V
Low DC Cut-Off Voltage 12V(10Vdc+/10.3Vdc)/*2 for 24V/*4 for 48V
Operating Temperature Range 0~40C
Humidity 0%~95%
Noise <50dB
Dimensions (D*W*H)mm 500*258*190 574*345*197
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