Skymax Wind Sheer - Wind Grid Tie Inverter

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Grid Tie Inverter Features:

  • Easy installation - can be connected in parallel on AC side

  • LCD Display with Input Voltage, Output Power, Temperature, Power Curve, Output Sinewave

This inverter features an integrated rectifier inside the inverter that allows the inverter to directly connect to a three phase wind turbine with no need to connect an AC to DC controller between the wind turbine and the inverter.

Disclaimer: This is NOT UL1741 Certified/Approved 

It is the customer responsibility to check all state, local and federal codes, electrical company policies and insurance regulation prior to commissioning a non-UL certified system.

Grid Tie Inverter Specifications:

1000 Watt 22-65 VDC1000 Watt 45-90 VDC2000 Watt 45-90 VDC
Input Data
Input Voltage Range22-65 VDC45-90 VDC
45-90 VDC
Max Input DC Voltage
60 Volts90 Volts90 Volts
Peak Power Tracking Voltage25 - 60 Volts
50 - 90 Volts
50 - 90 Volts
Output Data
Max Output Power
1000 Watts1000 Watts
2000 Watts
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Voltage Range95-140 Volts185-265 Volts185-265 Volts
Frequency Range47.5 - 51.5 for 50hz, 59.3 - 60.5 for 60hz
Power Factor>0.95
Output Waveform
Pure sine wave
Characteristic Data
MPPT Efficiency99%
Over Current ProtectionYes
Over Temperature ProtectionYes
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Anti-island ProtectionYes
StackableOnly for AC output
Operating Temperature Range-20 C ~ +50 C
Storage Temperature Range-20 C ~ +85 C
Current THD<5%
Voltage THD<5%
StandardUL1741, IEEE1547, VDE4105
Cooling MethodFans
Peak inverter Efficiency92%
Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
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