Solar Panel to Grid Tie Inverter


Solar Grid Tie Inverter Wiring Diagram

In this simple solar to grid tie inverter hookup, follow these directions:

  • Wire all the solar panels in parallel, positive to positive and negative to negative. Then, connect them to the disconnect box.

  • Attach the red positive wire to the positive post on the grid tie inverter (GTI) and the negative black wire to the negative post. Never connect a live wire to the grid tie inverter.

  • Make sure the disconnect box is in the off position (handle out) before connective wires to the grid tie inverter so not to cause a spark and short out the inverter.

  • Then, plug the inverter into any standard outlet.

  • When the sun is on the panels, the lights will blink back and forth on the grid tie inverter, this means the unit is working.

That's it! Free electricity!



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