Solar Products

Missouri Wind and Solar offers a wide range of affordable residential and commercial solar products including solar panels, solar heaters, solar lighting, and solar panel grid tie kits.

  • Jinko Solar 375 Watt Mono Solar Panel

    Jinko Solar 375 Watt Mono Solar Panel

    Eagle 66TR G4 | 375W 66 Half-Cell Mono BLK/BLK 1000V Solar Panel The Eagle G4 modules utilize high efficiency cells and our new TR technology. By minimizing white space between cells, Jinko enables the maximum module power...
  • UniRac SolarMount Universal Mid Clamp

    UniRac SolarMount Universal Mid Clamp

    Select top mounting clamps if you prefer to install modules after securing the footings and the rails. This sequence is especially well suited for flush mounting. Top mounting clamps do not use module mounting holes, thus allowing flexibility in rail...
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  • Fair-Rite Ferrite Ring

    Fair-Rite Ferrite Ring

    A high frequency NiZn ferrite developed for a range of inductive applications up to 25 MHz. This material is also used in EMI applications for suppression of noise frequencies above 200 MHz. Excellent stability characteristics. Strong magnetic fields or...
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    Fair Rite Clamp On Core Closed

    Fair-Rite Ferrite Clamp On Core

    A ring configuration provides the ultimate utilization of the intrinsic ferrite material properties. Toroidal cores are used ina wide variety of applications such as power input filters, ground- fault interrupters, common- mode filters and in pulseand...
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    Now: €10,50
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  • Unirac SolarMount 168" Light Rail

    Unirac SolarMount 168" Light Rail

    The universal SolarMount rail system solutions can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures to accommodate any job site. Standard rails give you ultimate flexibility, including bottom mounting and tilt-up options. Unirac provides a...
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  • Solar powered electric fence charger

    Solar Fence Charger Kit

    This solar fencer kit includes: 12 Volt 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel 1 Set Z-Clips for Mounting MidNite Solar Brat Charge Controller SkyMAX 12 Volt 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter SkyMAX 32 Amp DC Breaker and Din Rail 10 AWG MC4 to Charge...
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  • 6 x 6 Inch 20 Connector MC4 Solar Combiner Box

    6 x 6 Inch 20 Connector MC4 Solar Combiner Box

    6 x 6 Inch MC4 Solar Combiner Box 100 Amp, 10 circuit (20 connectors), MC-4 Solar Combiner Box Perfect for paralleling solar panels. The enclosure can be mounted outdoors with no additional protection from rain and snow. There are 6 male MC-4...
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  • MidNite Solar 1000 Amp Battery Combiner Box

    1000 Amp Battery Combiner Box

    MidNite 1000amp battery combiner box includes a 1000A Positive and Negative bus bar with 3/8 inch studs. Cables can be double lugged and the copper bus bar can be drilled for additional mounting locations. We recommend you use 3/8 inch stainless bolts if...
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  • Midnite Solar MNLBC Lithium Battery Combiner Box

    Lithium Battery Combiner Box

    The MidNite Solar MNLBC is a non disconnecting combiner box for lithium batteries. Connect up to 14 battery strings in this high quality aluminum enclosure from a brand you've grown to trust. Combines up to 14 strings of batteries Up to 1/0 wire per...
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