Heavy Duty Varnish for PMGs

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PMA COATING cannot be found on store shelves simply because it contains so much of the powerful high quality / high solvent chemistry. Due to strict shipping guidelines, this product cannot be shipped outside of the United States & must ship via ground service only.

One can will coat 12 Permanent Magnet Alternators or two complete Missouri Wind Turbines! If you plan to put a wind turbine or PMA in a saltwater environment, you MUST coat all metal surfaces to prevent the disaster of corrosion!

PMG Stator Varnish - magnet and wire coating. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT NOW! One of toughest coatings known to exist in modern coating chemistry. Ideal for alternators, generators, and all other metal and electronic parts. Now available in convenient spray cans. Beat the high cost of buying marine rated wind turbines by doing your own marine coatings Save hundreds of dollars!

"A True High Quality Phenolic Varnish Returns To The Market" UV proof - Salt spray proof - Water proof.  After years of testing and formulation we have re-discovered one of the worlds toughest grade electrical and marine varnish! Our Green and Clear PMA COATINGS are not based on epoxy, urethane, enamel or lacquer chemistries. Since our formula is based on true high temperature phenolic coil varnishes it can be used to coat magnetic field coils and magnet wires which makes it one of the toughest types of coatings known to exist in the world! This is a very special product since sealing magnet wire with a durable coating is not an easy task! It can be sprayed directly inside the alternator without fear of conductivity, smoking, cracking and burning off when things get hot.

The electrical varnish is an excellent insulator of electricity so make sure you do not coat the positive terminal post on the back of the PMA. You will also have to keep a small metallic spot clean for your negative ground bolt. Best of all PMA COATING is waterproof and is absolutely the best type of coating to stop corrosion on all metals!!! Use PMA COATING on all engine and mechanical parts that need protecting from rust and corrosive environments. Great for fan, pulleys, engine block, valve covers, pumps, intake manifold, injector parts, aluminum and steel radiator fins, drive shaft, transmission, gear boxes, nuts and bolts etc. Max temperature limit 800 degrees F. for brief durations only. Working temperature is 375 F. Not for use on exhaust manifolds unless they are water cooled.

Use PMA COATING anywhere you see rust or corrosion. Spray it right over the damaged area. No need to clean area before application. Clings to rusted or corroded areas and instantly stops oxidation in its tracks! Use multiple coats to form an instant and long lasting protective barrier. For wind turbines, simply spray every part of it inside and out with PMA COATING and make it last a lifetime. Great for protecting and even rejuvenating shorted and damaged magnetic field coils! Great for use on all types of electric generators inside and out!

Protects corroded battery terminals and cable. Can also be used to coat circuit boards and all electronic parts effectively protecting it from any corrosion. A must have item for protecting field coils from corrosion. Corrosion is the #1 killer of all wind turbines, PMAs, generators, alternators and all types of electronic parts!!! This type of varnish can be sprayed directly inside alternator bodies without the need for disassembling them! High solvent formula has excellent mobility and easily flows into intricate areas and if applied carefully will not bind rotating parts together (Turn rotor occasionally during drying)

Our electrical varnish is very high in solvents so it really penetrates deep into metal surfaces while dissolving any oil and grease creating a very tough coating!!! If you are old enough to remember, many of you may still recall that spray paint made way back in the 1960's produced really ultra tough coatings!!! As the years marched on many of the chemicals that made the old spray paint formulas stick to metal so well where slowly banned from use in all consumer products BUT professionals could still have access to them!

For use on these metals and surfaces: Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Brass, Iron, and steel. Electronic circuit boards, cables, connectors, and wiring. Waterproofs paper and wood too!

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