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Wind turbines, hubs, blades, and everything you need for building your own wind turbine or buying a complete wind turbine solution for your home or business.

  • VAWT Mounting Bracket

    VAWT Mounting Bracket

    This heavy duty Vertical Axis Wind Turbine mount is made to be top quality, measuring 3/8 inches in thickness. Mount fits a standard 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe and includes two U bolts and nuts.  Made to fit our SkyMAX Vertical Axis VAWT PMG. No...
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  • 3 Phase Block for Wind Turbine PMA

    3 Phase Block for Wind Turbine PMA

    3 Phase Block for DC PMA to 3 Phase Conversion This block replaces the rectifier in your DC permanent magnet alternator (PMA), such as our Missouri Confederate Wind Turbine, which converts it to 3 phase output.This 3 phase block is a junction block...
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  • 17 mm Steel Split Lock Washer

    17 mm Steel Split Lock Washer

    Also known as spring lock washers, these split lock washers provide a positive locking action. Spring like take-up compensates for loosening caused by slight material wear.Specifications: Inner Diameter18 mmOuter Diameter27 mmThickness3 mmWeight.2 oz
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  • 180 Amp 6 Wire Slip Ring Kit

    180 Amp 6 Wire Slip Ring Kit

    180 Amp 6 Wire Slip Ring Kit for Wind Turbine Generators   Slip Ring Kit Includes: 24 inches of 3/8 inch double wall heavy duty heat-shrink tube with air tight mastic inner seal 12 pieces 10-12 gauge butt connectors One 6 wire custom 180 amp...
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  • 1600 Watt Freedom Single Wind Turbine Mounting Bracket

    Wind Turbine Mounting Bracket

    Powder Coated Mounting Bracket for Wind Turbines Mounting Bracket Features: Fixed bracket for Delco Style PMAs and the Freedom PMG and the Freedom II PMG Includes mounting bolts and lock nuts and special lock nuts that won't vibrate loose Includes...
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  • Wind Turbine Locking Collar with Nylon Washer

    Wind Turbine Locking Collar

    Our wind turbine locking collars provide a stable base for the mounting bracket to rest. The addition of the nylon washer will provide a smooth surface for better tracking. We suggest pairing the wind turbine locking collar with our yaw bearing for...
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    Wind Turbine PMA and PMG Steel Mounting Plate

    Wind Turbine PMA and PMG Steel Mounting Plate

    Compatible with the following PMA (permanent magnet alternator) and PMG (permanent magnet generator) types: Delco 10 SI and 12 SI alternators and permanent magnet alternators. Freedom and Freedom II PMG using two mounting holes diagonally Mount for...
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  • Adjustable Mount for Roof Top Wind Turbines

    Adjustable Wind Turbine Roof Mount

    Wind Turbine Roof Mount System Roof mount for wind turbine generators - compatible with all roof types because it's fully adjustable! Wind Turbine Mount will fit these models: Also fits Windmax, Hy Energy, and Wind Energy 7 brands For use with other...
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  • 2 Inch Wind Turbine Base with Set Screws

    Wind Turbine Base with Set Screws

    Wind Turbine Base with 2 Set Screws for 1 7/8 inch OD pipe This stationary floor flange is designed to be bolted or anchored into a concrete foundation or hard ground.   This base can be used to mount your wind turbine to concrete or hardened...
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