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Join Us For One of Our Hands On Workshops

In our long-running wind and solar workshop, we focus on instruction for both the beginner and the seasoned enthusiast. Participants will work with actual products to learn valuable real-world skills for putting together systems for their personal use. Additionally, you'll get to meet with our on-staff experts for detailed question and answer sessions.

Participants are encouraged to travel in a vehicle capable of transporting materials.

Literature and lunch are provided.

Regarding Remote Attendance: You can get so much of this information free of charge on our YouTube channel. The real value of the class is being here in person and being able to work with the equipment - the hands-on portion. We feel that offering Zoom (or similar) ends up taking away from both sides of the class. If you have connection issues, etc. - and who hasn't with remote learning - we end up holding up the class trying to get cameras set, connections fixed etc. and so both the people in attendance and remote attendees suffer equal amounts of frustration.

Register for any of our workshops at our event manager site.