About Us - Missouri Wind and Solar


Our mission is to help our customers live and thrive in an energy-independent environment.

Through our high-quality, value-driven, US-sourced products, we give our customers the tools to achieve energy independence. Our educational outreach and expert sales staff instruct customers and the curious, teaching them how to assemble, maintain, and optimize their system.

We lead by example, using our own products to ensure we live and work with energy independence. From the very start, we’ve done it ourselves. We work every day to create informed customers who are empowered to do the same for themselves.


Jeff was always a tinkerer. He was always interested in taking things apart to see how they worked, and how they might work better.

In 2008, our Seymour, Missouri store opened, dedicated to selling ornamental fountains. Many of the customers who made their way through our doors also had their eyes drawn to the wind turbine that we used to power the warehouse.

Jeff had bought the turbine from a California company, only knowing the basics about how wind power systems worked. So he decided to do what he loved to do: he took it apart.

Using the knowledge he gained himself through years of getting his hands dirty experimenting with appliances, electronics, even building computers, he pored over that turbine. He even saw a few things that could be tweaked to make it more efficient.

Jeff always wanted to make things better. He passed that drive to Crystal, his daughter, who owns Missouri Wind and Solar. Along with her husband Wes, dog Lucy, and small but dedicated and efficient team of 13 experts, she keeps that tinkerer’s spirit alive.

Our goal at Missouri Wind and Solar isn’t just to sell you a turbine or some solar panels. We want to make sure that when you leave our store or receive your order that your equipped with that level of knowledge and insight to help you achieve your wind, solar, and hydro power goals.

That’s what we do every day. Distill years of learning, studying, and tinkering so you can benefit from it and create your own clean, renewable, reliable, and independent energy.