Watt Meters

Measure the wattage output from your wind turbine or solar array. Know exactly where you stand with one of our digital or analog style watt meters.

  • Harm-An-Amp Power Usage Meter

    Harm-An-Amp Power Usage Meter

    The Harm-An-Amp Power Usage Meter is a monitoring and testing instrument that measures the electricity consumption, current, voltage, and cost of the electrical appliances connected to it.It also features functions such as electric charge alarm,...
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  • Dual LCD Panel Meter

    Dual LCD Panel Meter

    Dual LCD Digital Multimeter with ShuntLarge LCD screen, display voltage, current, active power, energy at the same time.Product Features:Voltage test range: DC 6.5~100VCurrent test range: 0~100AStore energy data when power off (can be reset to 0)Back...
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