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All the parts and components you need for your hard working wind turbine. Our parts are made to last and tried and tested in our Missouri store.

  • 3 Wire Slip Ring Kit With 90A 3 Wire Slip Ring

    90 Amp 3 Wire Slip Ring Kit

    90 Amp 3 Wire Slip Ring Kit for Wind Turbine Generators Kit Includes: (12) inches of 3/8 inch double wall heavy duty heat-shrink tube with air tight mastic inner seal (6) pieces 10-12 gauge butt connectors (1) 3 wire custom 90 amp AC/DC slip ring Get...
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  • Wind Turbine Stator Varnish

    Heavy Duty Varnish for PMGs

    PMA COATING cannot be found on store shelves simply because it contains so much of the powerful high quality / high solvent chemistry. Due to strict shipping guidelines, this product cannot be shipped outside of the United States & must ship via...
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  • VAWT Mounting Bracket

    VAWT Mounting Bracket

    This heavy duty Vertical Axis Wind Turbine mount is made to be top quality, measuring 3/8 inches in thickness. Mount fits a standard 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe and includes two U bolts and nuts.  Made to fit our SkyMAX Vertical Axis VAWT PMG. No...
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  • 3 Phase Block for Wind Turbine PMA

    3 Phase Block for Wind Turbine PMA

    3 Phase Block for DC PMA to 3 Phase Conversion This block replaces the rectifier in your DC permanent magnet alternator (PMA), such as our Missouri Confederate Wind Turbine, which converts it to 3 phase output.This 3 phase block is a junction block...
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  • 17 mm Steel Split Lock Washer

    17 mm Steel Split Lock Washer

    Also known as spring lock washers, these split lock washers provide a positive locking action. Spring like take-up compensates for loosening caused by slight material wear.Specifications: Inner Diameter18 mmOuter Diameter27 mmThickness3 mmWeight.2 oz
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  • Powder Coated Guy Wire Ring

    Guy Wire Ring

    For use with our wind turbine locking collar. The locking collar provides your wind turbine tower guy wire rings something to rest on with no welding required. Adding guy wires to your wind turbine tower reduces swaying and vibration that decreases...
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  • Flexible Wind Turbine Pole Barn Cap

    Flexible Wind Turbine Pole Barn Cap

    Flexible Wind Turbine Pole Barn CapPole barn roof cap for wind turbine tower pipes (as seen in roof mount diagram). Flexible base will mold with ribbed pole barn steel to make a perfect seal. Fits 1 1/2" OD water pipe and larger.
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  • SHS Wind Turbine Hub Spacer & Stabilizer Side

    Wind Turbine Hub Spacer & Stabilizer

    The wind turbine hub spacer fits all wind turbine hubs with a 17 mm center, adds support, stops vibration, and stops hubs from bending and flexing in high winds! Model SHS-KEY: Compatible with Freedom series wind turbines with a 17mm shaft Zinc plated...
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