3-Phase Rectifiers

Convert the AC output from your wind turbine to DC power before you connect it to your battery bank. Missouri Wind and Solar carries a variety of sizes and types to fit your custom wind turbine.

  • Box Collar Lug

    Box Collar Lug

    Box Collar Lug2-14 AWG WireGreat for connecting cables to rectifiers! Larger body style allows more room in the wire hole for larger cable sizes.Specifications:2 AWG OEM2-14 AWG Single Wire RangeTin-plated Aluminum with Steel ScrewAluminum or Copper...
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  • 90 Amp 1000 Volt 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Kit

    90 Amp 1000 Volt 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Kit

    For permanent magnet alternator (PMA) & permanent magnet generator (PMG) wind turbines Rectifier Features:A must for high Amp output wind turbines. Continuous duty, will accept large cable.Replace the original auto type rectifier with this one!!This...
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  • 50 Amp Bridge Rectifier Permanent Magnet Generators

    50 Amp 1000 Volt PMA Rectifier

    50 Amp 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Rectifier Features: Good cooling capabilities. Can handle 50 amps continuously using air cooling, no fan.  Works on all AC output wind turbines that produce 50 Amps or less Will accept large cable Use self...
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  • 90 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier

    90 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier

    90 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier   3-Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier: 90 Amp, 1000 Volt.  Great for use with 12, 24, and 48 Volt systems. Convert your three phase current input into DC with this brand new and unused, high quality 90 Amp bridge...
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  • 150 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier Center

    150 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier Center

    Works with 12 Volt to 400 Volt Systems This unit will handle a massive amount of power. Perfect for medium to large residential turbines and generators. Rectifier Features: Drip shield top and smooth, seamless sides and front Three knockouts on...
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