Terminal Ends

  • Box Collar Lug

    Box Collar Lug - Set of 2

    Set of 2 - Box Collar Lugs 2-14 AWG Wire Great for connecting cables to rectifiers! Larger body style allows more room in the wire hole for larger cable sizes. Specifications: 2 AWG OEM 2-14 AWG Single Wire Range Tin-plated Aluminum with Steel...
  • Terminal Ends / Tinned Copper Lugs

    Terminal Ends / Tinned Copper Lugs (2/0 AWG - 8 AWG)

    Tin plated copper lug in assorted sizes for making wind turbine cables, battery cables, inverter cables, solar panel cables, etc. Note: The lower the number the larger the lug. For example 2/0 AWG lugs are larger than 2 AWG lugs. The #/0 indicates a...
  • Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors manufactured from soft drawn pure oxygen free copper. A must for splicing two cables together.  This process gives the best electrical results possible for maximum current flow and tinned for corrosion resistance and...
  • 3/8 Inch Spade Terminals Quantity of 5

    3/8 Inch Spade Terminals

    Perfect for Making Connections to Wind Turbine Bridge Rectifiers Heavy Duty 3/8" spade connectors with nylon insulators - Available in multiples of 5. Fits our Missouri Wind Turbine 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, and 90 amp bridge rectifier! Fits 8 / 10 / 12 AWG...
  • 10/12 AWG Crimp On Ring Terminals

    10/12 AWG Crimp On Ring Terminals - Pack of 8

    Accepts 10 AWG or smaller wire - Sold in quantities of eight ring terminals. Most solar panels come with 10 AWG or smaller wire. Use to make electrical connections with solar panels, bridge rectifiers, etc.  Bolt four of them...
  • Vinyl Butt Splice Connector - 8 Pack

    Vinyl Butt Connectors

    8 Pack of Connectors - Ideal for joining two cut wire ends. Butt Splice Connector Features: Vinyl Grip Uses Chamfered Barrel Ends Provides Fast Easy Wire Insertion from Both Ends Built In Wire Stop for Correct Positioning Must Be Crimped at Ends
  • Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

    Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

    Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp ToolThis simple, inexpensive crimping tool can be used to crimp connectors, lugs, terminals, splicers, on #8 (3.264 mm, 8.37 mm2) through #4/0 AWG (11.684 mm, 107 mm2) wire. Spring loaded pin locks in up position for loading...

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