Terminal Ends

  • Box Collar Lug

    Box Collar Lug - Set of 2

    Set of 2 - Box Collar Lugs 2-14 AWG Wire Great for connecting cables to rectifiers! Larger body style allows more room in the wire hole for larger cable sizes. Specifications: 2 AWG OEM 2-14 AWG Single Wire Range Tin-plated Aluminum with Steel...
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  • Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors

    Tinned Copper Butt Connectors manufactured from soft drawn pure oxygen free copper. A must for splicing two cables together.  This process gives the best electrical results possible for maximum current flow and tinned for corrosion resistance and...
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  • 3/8 Inch Spade Terminals Quantity of 5

    3/8 Inch Spade Terminals

    Perfect for Making Connections to Wind Turbine Bridge Rectifiers Heavy Duty 3/8" spade connectors with nylon insulators - Available in multiples of 5. Fits our Missouri Wind Turbine 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, and 90 amp bridge rectifier! Fits 8 / 10 / 12 AWG...
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  • Vinyl Butt Splice Connector - 8 Pack

    Vinyl Butt Connectors

    8 Pack of Connectors - Ideal for joining two cut wire ends. Butt Splice Connector Features: Vinyl Grip Uses Chamfered Barrel Ends Provides Fast Easy Wire Insertion from Both Ends Built In Wire Stop for Correct Positioning Must Be Crimped at Ends
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  • Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

    Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

    Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp ToolThis simple, inexpensive crimping tool can be used to crimp connectors, lugs, terminals, splicers, on #8 (3.264 mm, 8.37 mm2) through #4/0 AWG (11.684 mm, 107 mm2) wire. Spring loaded pin locks in up position for loading...
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