APA Solar Racking

APA Solar Racking

APA Solar Racking





Concrete-free foundations allow for a 10kW system to be installed in as little as 4 hours, without the need for specialized equipment.

Multiple tilt and foundation options are built into the design. Adaptable to any array size in increments of two panels.

Designed to be durable in any scenario. Simply add foundations when required. PE Stamped drawings included at no extra charge. 

All racking material ships on twelve foot pallets, allowing for a quick response time and affordable shipping nationwide.

The Ready Rack Kit is specifically designed for small scale solar installations.  All required components are included wtih the system as well as approved engineering documentation.  Just pick your site's parameters and go. 


The hardware design is a simple configuration that allows lighting fast installation.  The Ready Rack Kit is customizable in two module increments.  No need to go out and source additional materials - our racking includes all hardware needed, from foundations to module clamps and everything in between.


Helical foundation are the most economical choice for sites with good soil.

Ground screw foundations are ideal for sites with rocky soils or high degrees of topography.

Geo-ballast foundations are best used on sites with non-penetrable soils.

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