Desulfators & Battery Chargers

Extend the lifespan of your battery bank by including a battery desulfator from Missouri Wind and Solar.

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    3.5 Watt - 12 Volt Solar Charger Maintainer

    12 Volt Solar Charger Maintainer

    Solar Trickle Charger for 12V Batteries   Solar trickle charger for 12V batteries (>20AH), which helps with preventing battery drain in all seasons. This solar charger can be used for cars or applications where a 12V battery is used.   Helps...
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    SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator

    SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator

    Introducing the SkyMax Re-State Battery Desulfator for 12, 24, and 48 Volt Batteries Over time, sulfate deposits build up on the plates within a lead acid battery. This sulfation will gradually build and limit the battery's ability to charge, store,...
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