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Risen 595 Watt Mono Solar Panel | Bifacial


Risen | 595W Monocrystalline Bifacial Solar Panel | RSM120-8-595BMDG

**No Manufacturer Warranty**

Risen Energy is a leading, global tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products and provider of total business solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation. The company, founded in 1986, and publicly listed in 2010, compels value generation for its chosen global customers.


  • Global, Tier 1 bankable brand, with independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing
  • Bifacial technology enables additional energy harvesting from rear side (up to 30%)
  • Industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of power
  • Industry leading 12 years product warranty
  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • Excellent PID resistance
  • Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%
  • Dual stage 100% EL Inspection warranting defect-free product
  • Module Imp binning radically reduces string mismatch losses
  • Excellent wind load 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa under certain installation method

Electrical Characteristics

Model Number RSM120-8-595BMDG
Rated Power in Watts-Pmax(Wp) 595
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V) 41.50
Short Circuit Current-Isc(A) 18.21
Maximum Power Voltage-Vmpp(V) 34.60
Maximum Power Current-Impp(A) 17.20
Module Efficiency (%) * 21.0
STC: Irradiance 1000 W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5 according to EN 60904-3. Bifacial factor: 70±10(%) ★ Module Efficiency (%): Round-off to the nearest number


Electrical characteristics with 10% rear side power gain
Total Equivalent power -Pmax (Wp) 655
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V) 41.50
Short Circuit Current-Isc(A) 20.03
Maximum Power Voltage-Vmpp(V) 34.60
Maximum Power Current-Impp(A) 18.92
Rear side power gain: The additional gain from the side compared to the power of the front side at the standard rear test condition. It depends on mounting (structure, height, tilt angle etc.) and albedo of the ground.


Mechanical Data & Components

Attribute Detail
Solar cells Monocrystalline
Cell configuration 120 cells (6x10+6x10)
Module dimensions 2172x1303x35 mm / 85.51x51.3x1.38 in
Weight 37kg / 81.6lb
Superstrate High Transmission, Low Iron, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
Substrate Heat Strengthened Glass
Frame High strength alloy steel
J-Box Potted, IP68, 1500VDC, 3 Schottky bypass diodes
Cables 4.0mm², Positive(+)350mm, Negative(-)230mm (Connector Included)
Connector Risen Twinsel PV-SY02, IP68

Temperature & Maximum Ratings

Temperature & Maximum Ratings
Parameter Value
Nominal Module Operating Temperature (NMOT) 44°C±2°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.25%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.04%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.34%/°C
Operational Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC
Max Series Fuse Rating 35A
Limiting Reverse Current 35A
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