Sol-Ark 0900-80V Solar Optimizer

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The Sol-Ark 0900-80V RSD with Optimization provides maximum efficiency to the inverter and offers state-of-the-art PV module rapid shutdown and MPPT power optimization.

0900-80V can attach to every PV module and provide RSD (PV rapid shutdown) required by UL 1741 and NEC 690.12. It will compensate for shaded panel(s) to maintain peak output power.

When installed with and receiving a "permission to operate" signal from the TX 12K-A or TX 15K-A Transmitters, O900-80V starts proper operation of PV system. 

Quick Specs:

Model O900-80V
Max Input Voltage 80 V
Max Input Voltage 14 A
Dimensions (W x L) 112 mm x 118 x 28 mm
Weight 620 grams / 1.37 lb
Max Wattage 900 Watts

Technical Data:

Model O900-80V
Input Operating Voltage Range 18-80V
Maximum Input Current (Imax)1 14A
Maximum Short Circuit Current (Isc) 15A
Maximum Power 900W
Output Operating Voltage Range 18-80V
Maximum System Voltage 1000V
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 30A
Safety Voltage (without heartbeat signal) 0.9V
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°F to+ 176°F (-40°C to+ 85°C)
Passthrough mode capacity 14A up to+65°C / 9A up to +85°C
Optimization mode capacity 14A up to+35°C / 6A up to +85°C
Dimensions W x L x H (without cable & connectors) 4.41" x 4.64" x 1.1“ (112 mm x 118 mm x 28 mm)
Cable Length Input 4.72”, Output 39.37” (0.12m, 1m)
Cable Cross Section Size UL: 12AWG
Connector Friends PV5e (MC4 Compatible)
Enclosure Rating NEMA Type 6P / IP68
Power Optimization Yes (MPPT)
Communication Signal Power Line Communication ( PLC )**
Maximum number of PV modules per O900-80V MLPE 1
Over-Temperature Protection Yes
Warranty 25 Years
Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System NEC 2017 (690.12), NEC 2020 (690.12)
Safety Compliance UL 1741, CSA 22.2 No. 107.1
EMC Compliance FCC Part 15 Class B; IEC 61000-6-2; IEC 61000-6-3
Others SunSpec RSD Certified


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