500 Watt Pure Sine Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter

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  • 500 Watt Pure Sine Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter
  • 500 Watt Pure Sine Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter LED Indicator
  • 500 Watt Pure Sine Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter DC Inputs


Features high-efficiency MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), allowing each solar panel to run at optimum output.

  1. This 500-watt micro grid tie inverter is designed specifically for small power solar panels. It can also be used as a diversion or "dump load" for your solar panel and/or batteries when they are full sending all extra power production to the grid. You would use one of our diversion wind and solar charge controllers for that purpose.
  2. This inverter can directly connect solar panels through the inverter to the home grid.
  3. Easy to install, you just need a solar panel or panels and this grid tie inverter, then you plug the grid tie inverter into any electrical outlet just like you would a TV or microwave. It's that simple. Stack more inverters and plug them into the same outlet if you add more solar panels.
  4. Battery mode (automatic identification) with battery low voltage protection.
  5. Battery mode output power manual adjustment function.
  6. High-efficiency MPPT, tracking efficiency of over 99 percent providing faster, more sensitive response and reliability.
  7. Uses a high-frequency isolation transformer.
  8. Advanced anti-islanding technology.
  9. Aluminum shell, no rust, heat and cold as well as corrosion.
  10. LED indicator shows the status of the system.
  11. Adjustable battery power output.



Rated Power 500W
Matched Solar Panel 72 cell solar panel: Vmp is 35-39V, Voc is 42-46V; 60 cell solar panel: Vmp is 26-30V, Voc is 34-38V
DC Input Voltage Range 22-60V
MPPT Voltage 24-48VDC
Maximum DC Input Power 45A
AC Output Voltage Range 120VAC(90-140VAC) OR 230VAC(190-260VAC)
Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor >97.5%
THD <5%
Phase Shift <2%
Waterproof Grade Indoor design
Peak Efficiency (110V) 85%
Stable Efficiency (110V) 84%
Peak Efficiency (220V) 88%
Stable Efficiency (220V) 86%
Cooling Fan
Protection Anti-islanding; Short-circuit; Converse connection; Low voltage; Over voltage; Over temperature
Work Temperature -13°F-149°F
Certificate CE
Net Weight 2.9 lbs
Gross Weight 4 lbs
Inverter Size 8.3x6.5x2.1in



Note: Please install the inverters according to the user manual and connect the ground safety. Do not open the shell without a technician, only a qualified maintenance person should repair the product.

The inverter should be installed in a low-humidity and well-ventilated place, and remove anything flammable from the area surrounding the inverter to avoid overheating.

Keep away from children.

Ensure the DC input and AC output when connecting with PV cable.

The Vmp and Voc of PV should be fit for the Inverter to get max output.

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