Diagrams and Wiring Resources

Diagrams and Wiring Resources

Learn how to connect the different pieces of a system together through various diagrams, videos, and tutorials.

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Wire Sizing

Maximum Ampacities for Wire

Information to help you determine the wire size for your project plus recommendations for pairing fuses with cables.

Wire Loss Tables

Handy wire loss tables to determine the maximum distance one-way in feet of wire from the power source to the load.

Cable Sizing Podcast

Wes and David talk about wiring sizing and the impact it has on your wind and solar system.

Amp and Volt Meters

How to Wire an Amp Meter to Shunt Bar

Basic analog meter wiring diagram connecting it to shunt bars.

DC Amp and Volt Meter Wiring

Q & A with Jeff from MWANDS about using DC amp and voltmeters.

Analog Meter Wiring

Simple wiring diagram on how to wire up an analog meter.


Battery Wiring Diagrams

Beginner battery wiring instructions. How to connect batteries for 12, 24, and 48-volt battery banks.

Parallel Wiring Battery Banks

How to wire your 24 or 48-volt battery bank in parallel to increase amperage.

Series Wiring Battery Banks

How to wire your 24-volt battery bank to increase voltage.

Choosing Batteries For Your Wind Solar Project

Learn more about one of the most misunderstood parts of an energy system is the battery or battery bank.

Measuring Battery State of Charge

A simple chart to measure how full your batteries are by the battery voltage.

Battery Comparison

Pros and cons of lithium ion, sealed AGM, and flooded lead acid batteries. 

Blocking Diodes

How to Install a Blocking Diode

How to determine if your DIY project needs a blocking diode and how to install it.


Charge Controllers

Combination Charge Controller & Divert Load

Wiring diagram for a combination charge controller with built-in divert load. 


Bridge Rectifiers

3-Phase Diagram

How to wire a three-phase rectifier.

3 Phase AC Wind Turbine Wiring

How to wire a three-phase AC wind turbine to a battery bank using a 3-phase bridge rectifier.

3-Phase Double Rectifier Diagram

How to wire a dual three-phase AC wind turbine to a battery bank using two 3-phase bridge rectifiers. 

Solar Panels

Solar Panel to Grid-Tie Inverter

Basic wiring diagram showing how to connect solar panels to a grid-tie inverter.


Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine to DC to AC Inverter

A diagram of a basic set up using parts from Missouri Wind and Solar.

Wind Turbine to Grid Tie Inverter

Simple diagram and installation on how to use a wind turbine with a grid tie inverter.

How to Install A Wind Turbine Slip Ring

How to properly wire a slip ring to the wind turbine for easy rotation.

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