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MPP Solar LV6548 Hybrid Solar Inverter | 6500 Watts Continuous

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MPP Solar 6500W 48V 120VAC Off Grid Solar Inverter + 2 Dual MPPT Solar Charger 120A

Built-In Parallel Kits & WiFi Transmitter

This inverter comes with 2 PV input with dual trackers (PV1, PV2) which can scan 2 arrays facing in different directions, improving PV power generation. Built-in WiFi transmitter allows users quick and easy access to inverter data on your phone.

This model supports parallel operation (up to 6 units) in single phase, split phase, or 3-phase configuration. Parallel kits are built-in. This model allows batteryless operation (batteries are optional).

Why we like this inverter:

UL1741 Rated: The LV6548 model is UL1741 compliant, making grid connections a lot easier.

Net Zero: Offset your utility power by charging loads directly from solar

Timer control: program the unit to only charge batteries from the grid during certain hours. This allows to shift the power supply to your loads during peak rate times - ideal for users in California.

Split Phase Capable: Achieve split phase output (120V/240V) by using a minimum of 2 or more units in parallel.

Inverter Features:

  • 120V/240V/208V Output Voltage, Suitable for USA/PR
  • Max 6.5KV Output, Pure Sine Wave
  • 48V System Voltage
  • Max Solar Charging 120A MPPT (Each PV Input)
  • Max Utility Charging 120A
  • Built-In Genset Starter Dry Contact
  • Extensive Programmable Functions
  • Adjustable Bulk/Float/Low Cut Off Setting
  • LCD + LED Indicators
  • Free Monitoring Software
  • 120V/240V Split Phase Capable (2 Unit Parallel)
  • 208V 3-Phase Support (3 Unit Parallel)
  • Dual MPPT Solar Charger
  • Max 8KW PV Array Support
  • Max PV Input 250V (Voc)
  • Parallel up to 6 Units* (Built-In Parallel Kits)
  • Built-In WiFi Transmitter
  • Batteryless Support

LV6548 Specifications:

Input Voltage: 120Vac
Output Voltage: 120Vac
Output Current: 54A
Output Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Type: Single
Type: DC/AC Inverters
Inverter Efficiency: 91%
Certificate: CE EMC LVD
Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Max Continuous Output: 6500W
Input Battery Voltage: 48V
Battery Charger: 120A
Solar Charger: 120A
Surge Output: 13KW, Max 5 Seconds
Weight: 42Lbs
Dimensions: 22x17x6 Inches

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