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Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module

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  • Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module
  • Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module


Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module

For Lithium, Lead Acid and Sealed AGM Batteries

Protect your batteries from being over-discharged!


Are your batteries not acting right or going bad too quickly? Is your inverter shutting down and turning off all your loads when you don't want it to? Is your generator turning on a lot?

Our Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module keeps more energy in your lead acid or lithium batteries by automatically shutting down some or all of the AC loads while allowing you to keep on some important or critical loads. The Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module will save you expense and frustration by saving your battery life, additionally, it will reduce run-time, wear, and fuel usage on your generator. With the Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module, your power inverter will still produce AC power when you need it so you don't sacrifice turning off everything along with the important or critical loads.

Only when your batteries are at an extremely low and damaging state of charge will your power inverter shut off. If you rely on your power inverter to save your batteries, you will learn an expensive lesson by having to disconnect, remove and replace your heavy batteries WELL before their time. There is also a good chance that some of your equipment will get fried when you are connecting and disconnecting it.

As an alternative option, the Low Voltage Shutdown Switch is a DC side shutdown so your power inverter will completely turn off. The goal is to keep even your power inverter's small amount of no-load-draw from from draining your batteries. The Low Voltage Shutdown Switch has been successfully saving many battery banks for several years. Our new Battery Saver Smart AC Shutoff Module lets you choose how much power to shut down instead of everything. Not only will you figure out what's killing your batteries but will help you to isolate them and stop them from ruining your batteries.

Can be used in homes, RV's, Boats, Cabins, Workshops, or anywhere a battery powered DC to AC Power Inverter is used.


  • Battery Voltage Sensing: Comes pre-set but high and low points are user adjustable.
    • Note: Double or quadruple the following numbers for 24 or 48 volt: AC receptacle output off at 12.0 volts battery voltage or under. After Off cycle power only resumes after 12.5 volts is reached. Then power always on until 12.0 volts or less and cycle repeats as necessary when conditions are met. This allows your batteries to be charged or stabilized before draining them again.
  • Receptacle: Heavy Stranded 12 guage in and out wire Up to 15 amps combined loads 50/60 Hz (1,875 watts)
  • Hard Wiring Power Handling Option: Up to 30 amps 120 volt 3,600 watts momentary (20% on time), 2,880 continuous watts ,240 volt 7,200 watts momentary (20% on time), 5,760 watts continuous 50/60 Hz AC (user re-wiring with 10 guage wire required, receptacles not used)
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 2 1/4 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb 2 oz
  • Mounting: Four thru-holes for surface mounting vertically or horizontally
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