Solar Energy Resources

Learn how to connect various solar components in a system together through diagrams, videos, and tutorials.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Beginners Videos

Our video series that covers everything you need to know to get started with solar power (opens in a new window).

Solar Panels for the Beginner Podcast

Join Wes and David as they explain solar power and how you can use it for your power production.

Mismatched Solar Panels Podcast

Join Wes and David as they discuss the pros and cons of mixing different sizes of solar panels in your array.

Solar Panel Angle Podcast

Join us in our podcast where we discuss the importance of the angle of your solar panel and how it effects production and efficiency.

Solar Tips for the Beginner Video

Watch for tips and hacks on how to get started with DIY solar power.


Solar Charge Controllers & Power Inverters

Choosing the Right Solar Charge Controller

MPPT, PWM, or Diversion: How to choose the right solar charge controller.

What a Charge Controller Does Podcast

What does a charge controller do and why would you need one? Join us in the podcast to understand the role of the charge controller.

Grid Tied Solar

What is grid tied solar and how do you wire your solar panels to the electrical grid?

Types of Power Inverters

What are your power inverter options and what type do you need?

Power Inverters Podcast

Wes and David discuss power inverters and their role in your off-grid and grid-tied energy plan.

Micro Grid Tie Inverter Video

See how we used micro grid tie inverters with the solar panels on our tracking mount at our store.

Solar Panel Installation

How To Install Solar on an RV

Wanting to install solar panels on an RV or camper? Watch this video for tips on how to!

Solar Panel To Grid Tie Inverter Diagram

Learn how to bring solar power to the grid using a grid tie inverter.

How to Install a Blocking Diode

Install a blocking diode to prevent back flow from the batteries to the solar panels.

Solar Panel Top of Pole Assembly Video

Learn how easy it is to assemble our top of pole solar panel mounting rack.

Solar Time Tracker Installation Video Series

Follow along with us as we install a solar time tracker mounting system at our Seymour, MO store.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Are solar panels set it and forget it? Listen to our podcast to find out what your panels need to work best. 

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