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7 Magnet Permanent Magnet Alternator

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Permanent Magnet Alternator with Neodymium Magnet Rotor

DC Output

PMA Features:

  • 7 magnet 14 pole model
    • Latest plated N45 neodymium "rare earth" magnets
  • Fits delco 10SI and 12SI bolt patterns
  • Hand wound stator coils
  • 17 mm shaft diameter fits our 17 mm blade hubs
  • Computer balanced
  • Reaches 12 Watts / 1 Amp at 250 RPM
  • Great for 12V battery charging
  • Bi-Rotational (will produce power in both directions)
  • Anti-cogging
  • Ideal for low wind start-up (12V systems)
  • Hand built with 100% brand new components (no used or rebuilt parts here!)
  • For battery charging: Can be used with wind turbines 7 blades or less, vertical axis wind turbines, and hydroelectric and motor driven need the proper fan and pulley to keep cool
  • Can be used to charge 24V and 48V battery banks at higher RPM's (typically hydroelectric or gas motor setup)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.

If you live near salt water or in very dusty or severe climates: use our Permanent Magnet Alternator Wind Turbine PMA Coating for extra protection on the PMA and anything else you need a high quality durable finish on.


*Optional Marine Finish:

Saltwater environments will cause the internal components to rust over time. Our marine varnish service includes disassembling the motor and coating the interior. As our sold-separately PMA Coating can only ship by ground service and is restricted in some countries, Missouri Wind and Solar is offering an add-on service to coat the internal components before shipping. Prolong the life of your Freedom PMG by protecting it from the effects of saltwater environments. Please allow additional handling time when choosing this service.

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